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However, in the end, only one can win each of their hearts.Making the decision to go on one of those reality show dating games means one of two things: either you have a killer sense of humor about your own love life, or you're seriously desperate and willing to try anything.Here is the video with all of those classic moments…enjoy!Most game shows are perfectly edited so moments that are even slightly inappropriate never make it on air.

Below, take a peek at some of the funniest human blunders turned greatest game show bloopers.A bride spends months planning her wedding down to the last detail: agonizing over seating arrangements, fasting to fit into her dress, splurging on expensive flowers. But there's always the chance that something will go terribly wrong.Whether it's a clumsy best man or a top-heavy cake, check out these nine side-splitting wedding bloopers.Yes, there was so much extra footage (eek, somehow that phrase sounds dirty in this context) from the show that we have a lot of bonus clips to show off.Take a peek at some of the funniest moments from this week that you won’t see anywhere else!

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Shows like the “Real World” and “Jerry Springer” have been blurring out the spontaneous nudity that happens during filming for more than a decade.

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