Dating columbia 78 rpm records

More information is better than less information if you seek a realistic assessment--but giving more information means more work on your part!Minimum information: cite some artists' names, state condition of the 78s in general, and mention roughly how many 78s you have (to say you have "a lot" when they have only 20 or so would be inaccurate).

If you have never mailed 78s through the mail before, I can tell you how to do it.

These dual-selection discs used a finer groove to provide up to five minutes of playing time per side, but sold poorly and were quickly discontinued.

() The first double-sided Silvertone discs were produced for Sears Roebuck by the Federal Record Corporation, the corporate successors to the Indestructible Phonographic Record Company (makers of Indestructible cylinders).

Make sure the 78s are in sleeves, place the stack of 78s between cardboard, wrap tape around the bundle so they don't slide around, put the package in a box within a box.

When I buy 78s from people, I usually send an "empty box" to those sellers ahead of time.

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